From most vulnerable countries in the world a donation to Sacco hospital in Milan

Date 14.04.2020

‘’Nobody saves himself alone’’: it is with this spirit that the 32 countries where AVSI carries out its development and emergencies projects decided to help in the struggle against COVID-19 emergency in Italy, by donating 35,000 to the hospital Sacco in Milan, one of the structures which are more involved in healing people affected by COVID-19 in Italy.

The donation will be employed to buy sanitary tools to cure patients with Coronavirus hospitalised in the Department of Infectious Diseases.

‘’Every country in which we operate - explains Giampaolo Silvestri, general secretary of AVSI - is struggling with the virus and our staff is involved in sustaining the people who are already hit by poverty, hunger and wars. This contribution is a message of solidarity and gratefulness for Italy. We are particularly close to the staff of Sacco Hospital since a long time: our cooperators had been often cured in the Department of Infectious Diseases. And two doctors, who are now in the frontline fighting the emergency, worked for AVSI in the past.’’

AVSI’s work in Africa, Middle East, South America and Caribbean has intensified and diversified. Local staff re-planned the ongoing 200 projects, to respect the norms for containment and prevention; the staff, more than 1700, started awareness-raising and prevention campaigns in the poorest areas, distribution of food and hygiene kits and is studying a way to activate alternative didactic for more than 20 thousand kids who are supported by italian families and cannot go to school (Latest updates (IT) > )