Every day is #WorldRefugeeDay with AVSI

Date 20.06.2019

In 2018, almost 70 million people worldwide were forced to flee their home because of war, violence and persecution (UNHCR, June 2018). AVSI undertakes this journey with displaced people around the world every day, because we are all “Under the same sky”.

Migration crosses continents and brings them closer together. For this reason, AVSI walks with refugees, migrants and IDPs throughout their whole path of migration:

  • In countries of origin, promoting entrepreneurial initiatives and local protagonism, with a view to long-term development, always supporting education and job opportunities as a basis for civil coexistence and as an antidote to radicalization;
  • In countries of transit, facing the educational challenge for generations of children at risk, not only in terms of access to school, but also to quality education; and creating decent work opportunities for adults and making a better use of human capital;
  • In countries of arrival, as in Europe, supporting welcoming projects that promote economic autonomy and social integration of migrants, especially integration in the labor market.

AVSI’s interventions alongside displaced people take place all around the world, in Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Europe.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Answering the needs of thousands of displaced people, on the move because of the continuing fighting. AVSI helps these families by distributing essential items, ensuring quality education for children or through cash transfer projects with funding from UNICEF and UNHCR.


Working with the refugee population in Dadaab with interventions in education and teacher training, funded by US Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, the EU and UNHCR.


Strengthening child protection systems in refugee camps in Rwanda with UNICEF.


Working with South Sudanese refugees in education and protection with funding from UNHCR, UNICEF, the Italian Cooperation and the EU; and also with Congolese refugees and Ugandan households in Kamwenge District (Western Uganda), with funding from USAID Food for Peace. This intervention is a Graduation Approach that combines economic strengthening, livelihoods and nutrition for self-reliance and resilience.

Ivory Coast

Leading several projects aimed at raising awareness on migration-related risks in order to prevent irregular movement of asylum seekers and human trafficking. These activities receive the European support through AMIF funds and the Italian Bishops' Conference. Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with IOM and Caritas Tunisia, AVSI is involved in Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) processes.


Bringing help and first aid to newly arriving refugees, supporting the displaced population in Erbil and the former inhabitants of the refugee settlement. AVSI works in the educational field, ensuring a safe place for children at the kindergarten in Qaraqosh and organizing English and Computing Science courses.


Supporting programs for the Palestinian and Iraqi communities, to give them decent housing and training courses, but also welcoming Syrian refugees, with education and training projects. AVSI is also involved in the “Green infrastructure rehabilitation intervention”, the urban regeneration program financed by GIZ that strengthens the resilience of both Syrian refugees and their host community.


Implementing projects that support many Syrian families in 26 informal refugee settlements. The main activities focus on education and child protection, but also training for teachers and psychosocial support for the families of children affected by the traumas of war.


With the project "Open Hospitals", aimed at rehabilitating three non-profit hospitals, to ensure free medical treatments for poor Syrians. Also supporting activities for women and children in Damascus and Aleppo.


Contributing to the assistance of Venezuelan refugees in four shelters managed with UNHCR in Roraima. AVSI supports Venezuelans in Brazil, providing help upon their arrival at the reception centers and with activities to integrate them through work, thanks to a partnership with local businesses.


Working with the refugee population from Colombia and Venezuela in Quito.


Welcoming refugees in several Italian regions, AVSI provides guidance and the possibility to learn a job, with a particular attention to women, children and unaccompanied individuals. Projects are implemented in partnership with third parties such as the Refugees’ Network whose aim is to enhance the knowledge of the migration process and of the reception system; to raise awareness in the communities and companies about the topic of “migrants and refugees”; to promote the creation of new collaborations and through project design and management.

AVSI walks #WithRefugees

AVSI works every day with refugees to enhance their resilience to changes and conflicts through education and socio-economic strengthening. To face this common challenge, partnerships among civil society organizations, local companies, profit enterprises, local institutions, national and international institutions are necessary. AVSI is committed to the promotion of a cultural change, in order to fight intolerant attitudes, considering people with their history and needs, not just numbers or statistics.