Earthquake in Mexico: children supported are fine

Date 24.06.2020

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake this Tuesday morning, 23 km southeast of La Crucecita, on the coast of the state of Oaxaca (Mèxico), left at least six people dead and 30 injured. AVSI is present in the state, strengthening the resilience of children in the region of the Isthmus of Oaxaca, which for three years has become one of the regions with the highest seismicity in the country.

After the earthquake, the AVSI team present in the region, made a tour of the population to verify that there were no damages, the classrooms built in 2019 do not present damages. Despite the failure of the electrical power and the telephone network that was intercepted for more than 12 hours, the status of the 100 children who are receiving the program "Distance Support," was verified. "Everyone is fine, in the different chats of WhatsApp that we have with students and parents all thank God for being well," said Sholey Castillejos, head of SAD in Oaxaca.

Now, AVSI is organizing a series of virtual meetings with students to discuss what happened and to share with them more information about disaster prevention and strengthening resilience.

Currently, the declaration of emergency is active for the 50 municipalities of the state and the president of the country has asked the population to be alert for the aftershocks of the earthquake that, almost 24 hours after the event, sum 1,571 replicas aftershocks.