Distance Support Program. You are never too far away to meet

Date 05.11.2019

Child sponsorship is a project that creates a special relationship between a child in distress and a person, a group of friends, a school or a company that takes care of him or her.

In collaboration with a supporter in Italy, we can accompany in a customized way the growth path of a child who lives in difficult conditions. It can be done collaborating with trusted local associations and engaging with families and communities, thanks to the daily work of our social workers.

The type of support is designed according to the child's demands: on the one hand, we respond to their primary needs such as food, housing, health care, education; on the other hand, we also offer literacy courses, promotion of savings and credit associations, professional training courses and the launching of income-generating activities for the children’s parents.

Since 1994, 56,000 Italians have supported more than 100,000 children who have become doctors, teachers, cooks, farmers in their villages and in their cities. In turn, many of them have started supporting other children in their country.​


In all countries we:

  • provide the necessary expenditure for the child to attend school
  • organize training courses for teachers and awareness meetings for young people and parents
  • support the costs of a social worker who visits the child and the family at least twice a year

People involved

3.000 people

For more information and donations contact: Marco Ponselè, at +39 3493093100 or via email at retesostenitori@avsi.org