Cocoa vs. coca in Peru: Government recognition

Date 29.05.2017

"A significant response against drugs", this is how Carlos Cueva, Executive Director of DAS, a Peruvian state program for combating cocaine production, explained his visit to the offices of AVSI Peru on April 10th.

"The work carried out with local communities represents a new way of tackling the problem, in a key area of the international drug trafficking trade", he said.

His visit sealed the official recognition granted by the Peruvian State to AVSI Foundation in Peru for its work in the Junin region. A project supporting local communities, funded by the European Union and by the National Commission for Development (DEVIDA).

Its objective: to strengthen both the competitiveness of the local farming community and the sustainable production of cacao in the area of Satipo, to promote real and inclusive development.

Altini Y Cueva1