Brazil. The agricultural school to protect the Amazon

Date 05.11.2019

The Amazon is the lung of the world with its 500 million hectares of forest.

The Rainha dos Apostolos agricultural school is 30 km north of Manaus, where for forty years people have been learning to cultivate the land by loving and respecting it. Students reach it from their original countries after days and days of navigation and live here for the entire duration of the academic year, paying a symbolic fee.

Manaus is an island in the middle of the forest where everything that is needed by the two million inhabitants arrives on boats that travel for 1600 kilometres on the Amazon River. There, zero kilometer farming has an immediate environmental impact.

The techniques students learn at the Rainha dos Apostolos school minimizes deforestation, preferring the utilization of natural fertilizers, which are respectful of the complex and unique Amazon ecosystem. The alternative to this practice is to destroy everything with fire.


  • Training of professors on new organic and sustainable cultivation techniques, agricultural production essential for guaranteeing children's nutrition and the economic survival of the school
  • Development of communication channels and management tools for a socio-environmental impact assessment system

People involved

150 people, including 120 school students and 30 professor

For more information and donations contact: +39 3493093100 or email