Brazil, “Bem-vindo”, reception of refugees from Venezuela

Date 13.11.2018

In Roraima, the northernmost state of Brazil, 500 people arrive every day in the city of Pacaraima.

They are Venezuelan migrants who, since 2017, cross the border to escape from a state of poverty and serious crisis in their country and search for a better future. After entering Brazil, they travel another 200 km to get to Boa Vista, capital of the state of Roraima, which has 375.000 inhabitants and currently welcomes over 30.000 Venezuelans.

AVSI, together with UNCHR, manages three asylum facilities in Boa Vista and assists more than 1.500 people.

The new challenge that AVSI wants to undertake though the project supported by the “Tents Campaign”, is to provide a few dozen families, after the first reception in the UNCHR centers, with a path of support and integration, for a period of about four months, in different Brazilians cities through hospitality, Portuguese language courses, personal services (education, health) and initiatives with local businesses to offer job opportunities.


• Selection of Venezuelan families in Boa Vista;

• Preparation of the selected families for transfer to new host cities;

• Hosting of the families in facilities or accommodations for a period of four months;

• Portuguese language courses;

• Assistance for the access to personal services (education for children, health, etc.);

• Professional training to access the labor market and assistance for starting-up entrepreneurial activities;

• Involvement of companies to create opportunities for job offers.

People involved

60 families (about 210 people)