Behind the mask, on the frontline to fight COVID-19

Date 25.06.2020

From Ecuador to Rwanda, hundreds of AVSI staff are engaged in accompanying people deeply affected by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

But who are they? What do they fear? How does it feel to put a mask on and start a new work day on the field during a crisis?


Meet the protagonists of AVSI projects on the frontline fighting against COVID-19

2020 Uganda. Boda Boda (Behind The Mask) 1
2020 Rwanda. Agnes Mukantibenda (Behind The Mask) 1
2020 Messico. Crecemos Cook (Behind The Mask) 1
2020 Iraq. Jolar Jarjess (Behind The Mask) 1
2020 Ecuador. Ernesto Luque (Behind The Mask) 1
2020 Uganda. Jackson Ninkusima (Behind The Mask) 1

We started a journey together, I could not leave the Congolese families in the Kamwenge refugee camp when they need me the most

Jackson Ninkusima, AVSI Community based trainer working with Graduating to Resilience Activity funded by USAID