Back to the Future: restore children’s hope through education

Date 08.01.2019

Funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund ‘Madad’, the project ‘Back to the Future’ is operated by a consortium of NGOs: AVSI Foundation, Terre des Hommes Italy, Terre des Hommes Netherlands and War Child Holland. Over a three-year period (2016-2019), it will enable more than 21,700 Syrian, Lebanese and Jordanian children to go to school.

The aim of this project is to restore children’s hope in the future, by reaching out to them and helping them attend school, providing assistance. The activities vary from early childhood education to basic literacy and accounting, foreign language support, homework support and remedial classes.

Rebuilding or renovating schools is another way to help these children, in order to create a suitable school environment, where they can grow together: a message of peaceful coexistence among different religions and ethnic groups.

The project ‘Back to the Future’ is part of our efforts to improve education. The idea here is that there is no lost generation, all the children here receive an education and the capacity to build their future.

Andrea Matteo Fontana, head of the EU Delegation to Jordan

This is an effort to reduce the impact of the Syrian crisis on both refugees and the hosting communities, benefitting Syrian, Lebanese and Jordanian children and their families. Through education, kids are given back their hope for a future: this project is for them.