AVSI winner of the first “Clean Cooking Innovation Award 2018”

Date 29.11.2018

AVSI Uganda won the "Uganda Clean Cooking Innovation Award 2018” within the framework of the first Clean Cooking Innovation Summit in Kampala (26th-28th November) promoted by GIZ Energising Development (EnDev) on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD).

In order to achieve the mentioned goal, AVSI has replicated and adapted within the urban and suburban areas of Kampala the door to door ICSs, improved cook-stoves, distribution approach that have been successfully experimented in Mozambique since 2014.

The starting point of this strategy is the evidence based on AVSI’s experience working with the “last mile people”: the door to door approach has proved to be one of the best practices to promote behaviour change and to distribute new products with a social value proposition and lower affordability compared to traditional substitutes, product that often require consumer interaction to build awareness, convey product benefits, and encourage adoption.

Premio Endev

AVSI’s commercial strategy

Holistic and integrated approach. AVSI focus is not only selling a stove, but also to turn people into protagonists of their lifes supporting their needs, hope and desires and to enable them to improve their family’s life. AVSI allows people to save charcoal, money, time, and to improve their health by reducing dramatically the indoor air pollution.
At community level, AVSI contributes to reduce CO2 emissions, health expenditures and deforestation.

Vertical integration of the value chain. AVSI reduces intermediaries and make the final price more affordable for the final users.

Logistical Proximity. AVSI established a sales and logistic unit at the center of the targeted urban settlement. The sales agents and promoters are selected and trained among the members of the targeted communities and partners with a special focus on young women out of school and out of job.

Marketing on the road. AVSI promote the improved cook stoves through street theatre and concerts, radio campaigns, awareness raising and demonstration meeting within the neighborhoods, brochures distribution.

The improved cook stoves and their users are constantly tracked, monitored and supported.

Actual Achievements

  • Over 45.000 ICSs distributed/sold in Mozambique, Uganda, Republic of the Congo
  • Over 240.000 beneficiaries
  • 150.000 t CO2 emissions reductions per year
  • 425.000 USD families’ savings per month
  • 1.870.000 Kgs charcoal savings per month
  • Over 200 youths, especially women, trained and employed
  • 2 Sales cooperative created, 5 Sales Units started-up, 4 local producers strengthened, 6 ICSs models sold
  • 1 CDM and 1 Gold Standard PoA registered for ICSs distribution in Africa