AVSI together with Mexican Civil Society Organizations for public policy advocacy

Date 27.11.2020

The pandemic has shown how essential Civil Society Organizations are. In times of emergency, they not only attend to the immediate needs of people, but also create innovative, flexible and timely solutions in the territories, with which they have close contact and understand the contexts.

For this reason, from the Polo for Participatory Citizenship project, a "Manual for Advocacy in Public Policy" has been created, designed for Civil Society Organizations with the aim of providing them with clarity about the condition in which they find themselves, going through a review of their mission, values, and even identifying points of improvement in their methods of action in the public sphere.

The Manual is a step by step guide for the reader to evaluate, diagnose, correct and look closely at the path that your organization and / or collective is taking, with the aim of strengthening their internal processes and their work in the field.

As an accompaniment to the Manual, a Thematic Directory of Civil Society Organizations that have participated in the project has been created so that those who read the manual can identify other actors who are working on the same issues in order to build alliances, carry out joint actions and share good practices, knowledge and experiences.


About the Project

The Participatory Citizenship Pole Project, which started on February 2017, is an AVSI project, in collaboration with Sikanda A.C., SEPICI A.C. and the Lindavista Center, with the financial support of the European Union.

It aims to promote participatory citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable development. To this end, in the states of Guerrero, Oaxaca and Puebla, which are among the poorest in Mexico, it supports and assists 190 civil society organizations, 50 collectives, 7 public and private academic institutions, with whom it establishes networks, creates spaces for dialogue and communication channels, to jointly develop new policies and programs.

In 2018, the project launched a Diploma program, certified by the Loyola University of the Pacific in Acapulco, on the topics of Participatory Citizenship, Peacebuilding and Public Policy Advocacy, aimed at 300 activists.