Date 15.01.2022

AVSI’s contributions to the common debate

  • G. Silvestri, our secretary general, about
    • the Pope's message for the Day of Peace on Avvenire
    • the mult.istakeholder approach as a flagship of Italian Cooperation on

Our Tents Campaign "You are the heart of development. Time to be brave"

  • You are the heart of Development. Time to be brave, our Tents Campaign 2021-2022, on CL website

News about the activities of our projects

  • in Uganda, our project PUE (Productive Use of Electricity) with UE and GIZ to increase the impact of rural electrification in the villages of Rakai, Isingiro and Mpigi district through the promotion of productive use of electricity on NBS Television - Lifegate
  • in Uganda, our project SAY for Ugandan Youth to become agri-entrepreneurs on UBC TV - BBS TV - NBS TV - New Vision - AGRIC TALKSHOW
  • in Italy our project with Caritas for the job placement of young migrants on TGR Veneto
  • in Uganda, our project ALIVE with UNICEF to improve maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition in Acholi and West Nile Regions on Nbs, Ugandan national TV - ElPais (the biggest Spanish newspaper)
  • in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone, funded by the Italian Commission for Intercountry Adoption (CAI), the HOME project to strengthen the welfare of children in West Africa on
  • in Italy, our project with Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni for the job placement of young migrants on
  • in Uganda with Coopen our project on organic fertilisers on Sole24Ore (Italian newspaper)
  • in Mozambique, the Ilumina project funded by AICS about photovoltaic minigrid on Sole24Ore

Christmas in Haiti

  • Our colleague F.Cappellini about the situation in the country (min. 14.25) on Radio Popolare (Italian Radio)