Date 15.05.2022

1) AVSI’s #HelpUkraine Campaign

The press attention to our activities on behalf of Ukrainian refugees fleeing war does not stop. From February to the present, more than 130 Italian and international media have reported on our work

2) #aPromiseWeRenew. AVSI celebrates its 50th anniversary and renews its promise of development

3) AVSI’s contributions to the common debate

4) AVSI is part of April’s Pope Video

  • On April’s Pope Video - dedicated to health care workers - our project in Uganda to carry pregnant women to the hospital on motorbike taxis, carried out with UNICEF

5) Last updates on our projects

  • in Brasil, our project APAC, prison without guards or weapons, with European Union on Avvenire (Vatican Daily)
  • in Uganda, our project Game Connect with the Olympic Refuge Foundation on LifeGate (Italian Media Network)
  • in Sierra Leone, our work in the Country on (Italian Press Agency) - - and our work to help single mothers on
  • in Uganda, our projects with women's savings groups and distance support program (min.5:00) on Rai3 (Italian Television)
  • in Mexico, the reportage of M.Bastianelli – a top-notch video reporter who works with us - about our #EU funded project to combat drought and desertification on InsideOver
  • in Syria, our Project Open Hospitals expands with new medical center in Latakia on - Corriere