Date 28.11.2021

An event about our project “Welcomed Through Work” in Brasilia

AVSI's international adoptions: an analysis by our Marco Rossin on how COVID has affected international adoptions

  • An interview with Marco Rossin about AVSI's International Adoptions on

AVSI’s contributions to the common debate: G. Silvestri about the lessons learned during the pandemic (Friends of Europe) and about "NGOs as “ambassadors” of a new diplomacy (Corriere della Sera)

  • G.Silvestri, our Secretary General, about the lessons learned for sustainable development during the pandemic on Friends of (think tank based in Brussels)
  • G. Silvestri on a debate about "NGOs as “ambassadors” of a new diplomacy on La Repubblica Youtube Channel

News about the activities of our projects

Voices from Lebanon and Rwanda

  • Our colleague J.Rahal from Lebanon about the crisis in the country on Skytg24
  • In Rwanda, a live talk show on mental health campaign on Radio Rwanda
  • Our colleague M. Molino Lova from Lebanon about the #Beirut street violence on Skytg24 - Radio 24

Trouble situation in Haiti