AVSI & Gremobo: a new partnership for the development of sustainable purchases

Date 24.12.2020

Gremobo is the first international digital platform born in Italy that rewards sustainable mobility and the daily people’s and company purchases, to make everyone an active player supporting communities and sustainable projects.

The creation of Gremobo platform has been realized by Gremove – benefit company based in Milan whom mission is to promote sustainability: “In nowadays society sustainable lifestyle has acquired more relevance in public and private life – explains Gremove – for this reason, Gremobo wants to provide a smart, easy and fun system to reward sustainable mobility. The idea is born in order to enhance the way of giving from daily activities.

Gremobo enhances sustainable mobility and daily people and companies’ purchases to collect km Green to unlock exclusive promotion. Meanwhile, the platform rewards shopping online with Gocce in order to support common good activities and promote 30 AVSI projects.

In Gremobo digital platform is intended you can find also a Shopping area used for daily purchases and organized the advertisers in 15 categories: from travelling to clothing, from sports to office supplies.

Each purchase generates cashback converted into Gocce (generated by everyday purchase) to support common good activities.

The Donation area has 30 active projects in collaboration with AVSI in these categories classified in education, sustainable economy, inclusion and welfare. Everyone has the opportunity to promote a project with the collaboration of each people. The Donation area will be developed with project giving value to people and to the nature.


The mobility area can measure your sustainability and collect your km Green which reward the mobility of people based on personal travel as well as on the use of shared vehicles and delivery system. Gremobo is also able to enhance your brands’ sustainability: in the users’ eyes by (evaluating the ESG report and the logistics strategy) rewarding them with additional km Green by a green van visible on your connection in the shopping area.

The platform has also a Lifestyle area composed by worldwide articles (news, focus and trends) organized in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Federica Foiadelli (co-founder of Gremove and Politecnico of Milan Professor) said: “Gremobo is born to live close to people’s in their ordinary life (mobility, purchase). “We retain that every daily action could be transformed into a value for the people and for the community. Gremobo can realize this dream, thanks to the technology and the trust of our partners and stakeholders. Gremobo helps people to live in the sustainability in an easy and fun way.”

Find out how on www.gremobo.com and download the Gremobo APP available on Apple Store and on Playstore (available soon) in five languages.