AVSI at the Rimini Meeting 2021

Date 10.08.2021

Also this year, Rimini is getting ready to become the international capital of culture.

The Rimini Meeting has been taking place since 1980 and this year it will be between August 20-25, presenting a series of lectures, shows, panels, webinars, and exhibits around the theme The Courage to Say "I".

AVSI Foundation will be present at the Rimini Meeting with a dedicated stand and participate in a few discussion panels. The event will be streamed online, so that people can participate from all over the world.

  • August 21 at 7:00 am (ET): "The roots of a new leadership" - Curated by AVSI

    Giovanna Bottani, operation senior consultant, STMicroelectronics Foundation; Erneste Nzeyimana, director of Telecom Services Provider Ltd, Rwanda, child of the distant support program by AVSI; Yasmine Sherif, director, Education Cannot Wait; and Giampaolo Silvestri, secretary general of AVSI. Moderated by Paolo Lembo, a former WGEO director-general.
    The dialogue plans to investigate the role of Education in shaping leaders capable of thinking and acting for the common good, particularly in developing countries in the post-pandemic era. Various perspectives will be analyzed on the topic: from the head of an international agency, a company, an NGO, to the individual once beneficiary of the education program.

    The speakers will analyze the topic from different perspectives:

    - the standpoint of someone who, as head of Education Cannot Wait, an international agency of the UN, has a global vision of educational needs and of the potential to be promoted in the light of the lessons learned during the pandemic;
    - the vantage point of a young manager of an important Rwandan company, who was able to "make a career" thanks to the Education he received through distance support promoted by AVSI;
    - the experience of the STMicroelectronics Foundation, an enterprise foundation working worldwide against the digital divide;
    - the point of view of an NGO that has been working "hands-on" for fifty years with the most vulnerable new generations; the perspective of the private sector that is committed to actively collaborating with NGOs, the local civil society and institutions to promote sustainable development.

  • August 25, at 10:15 am (ET): “We should not let what happened during the pandemic go to waste” - Curated by AVSI

    Laura Frigenti, global head international development practice at KPMG LLP, former director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation; Grammenos Mastrojeni, senior deputy secretary general of the Union for the Mediterranean; Giampaolo Silvestri, AVSI secretary general. Moderated by Francesco De Leo, director of Affarinternazionali.it, the IAI magazine.

    "Let's not waste the pandemic!" Starting from a provocation expressed months ago by Pope Francis, a dialogue between the panelists around how to change the pace, our lifestyles opens up a wide-ranging reflection on the development model pursued up to now and which has not proven sustainable. Questions around green development translating into personal, community, and country choices, the basis for collaboration between the private sector and the non-profit sector, how to move from rhetorical auspices to a practice of development programs protecting dignity and combining the need for work, protection of health and the environment will be discussed and reflected offering new provocations.

Furthermore, on Saturday 21 August from 15.30 to 16.30, in the room of the International Area of Italian Cooperation, a meeting will be held between the director of Education Cannot Wait, Yasmine Sherif and some representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, of foundations and networks of NGOs.

AVSI's stand is called The time and places of courage, and the following events will be streamed on the AVSI Foundation Facebook page:

  • August 22 at 10 am (ET): "Next to those in need."
    With Guido Calvi, regional emergency coordinator AVSI Middle East
  • August 23 at 10 am (ET): "AVSI and Meeting Point International, a surprising friendship."
    With Giovanna Micheloni, entrepreneur and owner of the clothing company GIO.tta and Bartolomeo Cevoli, apparel designer & product developer
  • August 24 at 10 am (ET): "Courage in Kenya and Sierra Leone"
    With Antonino Masuri, AVSI Kenya project manager, and Gianni Bagaglia, AVSI Sierra Leone Country representative.
  • Also, on Saturday, August 21, from 9:15 am to 10:15 am (ET), AVSI will promote an encounter between Yasmine Sherif, Education Cannot Wait director, and representatives from various NGOs, Italian cooperation, and foundations.