AVSI and CESVI together in a project to enhance the resilience of refugees, returnees and host communities

Date 11.06.2019

AVSI Foundation and CESVI in a new project on both sides of the frontier of Uganda and South Sudan are working to enhance the resilience of refugees, returnees and host communities. Funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation Development (AICS), the ICRROSS project “Cross border Intervention for Refugees and Returnees and South Sudanese host community” is operational in Ikwoto and Kidepo Valley (managed by AVSI South Sudan), and in Palabek (managed by CESVI and AVSI Uganda).

The project goal is to facilitate the return of South Sudanese refugees living in settlements in Uganda. ICRROSS will support the development of larger agricultural farms and facilitate the rehabilitation of boreholes in the operational areas in South Sudan to address the most common problems, as food shortages and access to safe and clean water.

Natives are agents of their development and AVSI and CESVI will work together with the communities to accelerate these ideas to bring positive change to their country. The communities involved in the project are envisioned to become self-sufficient farmers, while county personnel and water technicians will be strengthen through vocational training and the provision of new equipment.

To learn more about ICRROSS every month a bulletin is published thanks to AVSI and CESVI, with funding from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, to share events, opportunities, interviews and tips. Real news between borders.