AgriSkills4You in Uganda: “How did your life change?”

Date 14.05.2015
Agriculture Food Security And Water 16 500X332

AgriSkills4You (AS4Y) programme in Acholi, Northern Uganda, is a 3-year development programme funded by the Netherlands Embassy and focuses at increasing the household income and food security in the region by developing agricultural and entrepreneurial skills of young farmers. A video, produced by beneficiaries told what have changed.

From February 2 until February 12, 2015, EyeOpener facilitated a training using Participatory Video with the purpose of mapping the outcomes of AS4Y so far. The participants in this training represented vocational institutes and NGOs involved in the programme. After a basic training into video skills, they collected and selected stories in this short movie.

Videomakers asked a simple question: “What is the most significant change in your life in the last 6 months?”. Those were their answers:

Stories of change from youth:

Stories of change from farmers:

Stories of change from agricoltural teachers: