A NEW HOPE, reducing irregular migration from Ivory Coast

Date 11.01.2019

Until 2002, Ivory Coast was considered the promised land to reach for the populations of Western Africa fleeing from difficult situations. People coming from the neighbouring countries migrated to Ivory Coast to look for jobs and a better life.

The political crisis that hit the country in 2002 and 2010 turned the tables and made Ivory Coast one of the main countries of irregular immigration to Europe.

To tackle this trend and to reduce the irregular flows of migrants coming from Ivory Coast, a new project, funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), has been launched. AVSI will coordinate this initiative in collaboration with three international partners and six local NGOs, with the participation of influential figures, local leaders, returnees and over 420 Ivorians living in Italy. The aim of the initiative is to change the perception of the population on migration projects in the areas of Abidjan, Daloa e Bouaké.

The name of the project is A NEW HOPE - A NEtWork to figHt against irregular migratiOn through awareness raising and information camPaigns in Côte d’IvoirE.

The activities of this communication initiative will include both non-media awareness raising campaigns as well as media campaigns, aiming at sharing more transparent information on the experience of irregular migration. The actions will contribute to the change of perceptions and behaviour of potential migrants in three high rate migration areas of Côte d’Ivoire, by strengthening the access of the target population to trusted, factual and balanced information on irregular migration. The initiative, with a budget of 632,000 Euros, will stress on the risks, the real life conditions in Europe and the alternatives and work opportunities in the home country.

Within 18 months, the project will reach more than 10,000 people through awareness raising campaigns, TV commercials, documentaries, books, comic books, flyers, and sports and community events.

Together with AVSI in the implementation of the project: international partners CeVI, Ballafon and CPA&I, and local associations among which VIF, Caritas CI, SOS MIGRATION CLANDESTINE.

Whatch the interview to Lorenzo Manzoni (AVSI regional manager) during the workshop with the partners in Abidjan (17-18 April 2019) (min 21.45)