A journey through AICS humanitarian aid program in Palestine

Date 08.04.2019

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation has published the Humanitarian Program 2017-2018 to share, through images and stories, the benefits and beneficiaries of its interventions in Palestine.

Thanks to Mohammad Amous (freelancer illustrator and graphic designer from Jerusalem) drawings and fiction short stories written by Marco Giallonardi (Communication Officer AICS Jerusalem), the readers can discover the realities of all the emergency projects and interventions of AICS and partners. Images allow the readers to visualize how and where the projects are implemented, while the fictional storytelling helps them imagine possible slices of life of the beneficiaries.

Among the projectsSchool of resilience: supporting protection mechanisms in the Jordan Valley (Area C)”, coordinated by AVSI and implemented between July 2017 and April 2018 in Zanba, Nabi Samwil, Ma’azi Jaba, Jabal al Baba, Beit Iksa (East Jerusalem). The project allowed children attending school in these villages to receive general and specialized medical visits thanks to a mobile clinic.

Writing as it was a secret diary, AICS illustrates the activities of the project through the storytelling of a teenage girl attending school. We can see through her eyes the benefits of mobile clinics for children who need medical care like her brother, as well as of rehabilitated toilets at school. Finally, a significant part of her story tells the importance of support groups for Gender Based Violence, that helped her mother and other women to share their stories and to understand what is gender and what it means being a woman.

With a focus on the Protection of refugees and IDPs (Internal Displaced Persons), the interventions of AICS and AVSI Foundation provided the communities with essential services such as water, healthcare and education.