Statutory bodies and Board of Directors

AVSI Foundation makes use of the following institutional bodies for the purpose of managing its activities.


The founders' assembly is chaired by the president of the Foundation, who approves and defines the broad guidelines and guidelines of the activity and evaluates the results; approves amendments to the statute; with the vote of the founding bodies, it appoints the members of the board of directors, the components and the president of the board of auditors, approves the final and budget balance sheet. It meets at least twice a year.

46 founders appointed on 02/12/2004
34 organizations from 25 countries
12 individuals


It is chaired by the president of the Foundation, formulates non-binding opinions and proposals on the activities and program.

It meets at least once a year.

143 partners appointed on 12/02/2004:
140 individuals
3 organizations


It has all the powers for ordinary and extraordinary administration. It is made up of 7 directors elected by the assembly of the founders , it appoints the president and vice-president from within, appoints the general secretary. It prepares the budget and the final balance.

7 directors appointed on 06/23/2021 and in office until 06/23/2025

  • President: Patrizia Savi, chief financial and risk officer at Sea – Milan Airports. Bio >
  • Vice-President: Alfredo Mantica, senator and former deputy minister. Bio >
  • Members:
    Daniele Contini, general manager at Italy Just Eat. Bio >
    Alessandro Maffioli, chief development effectiveness division at IDB Invest. Bio >
    Lorenzo Ornaghi, former rector of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. Bio >
    Giampaolo Silvestri, secretary general of AVSI Foundation. Bio >
    Antonella Sciarrone Alibrandi, vice-rector and full professor of business law at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. Bio >


It controls the activities of the Foundation and is made up of three members. The college remains in office for three years and its members can be reconfirmed.

The current board of auditors was appointed on 06/30/2017, reappointed on 06/23/2021 and is in office until 06/23/2025:

  • Michele Grampa: President
  • Delia Gatti: member
  • Alfredo Tradati: member


Represents the Foundation, controls the execution of the deliberated acts.


He replaces the president in case of absence or impediment.


He exercises operational management, with powers of ordinary administration as well as those specifically conferred on him by the board of directors, including the power of representation. He remains in office for three years and can be reconfirmed.

  • Giampaolo Silvestri Bio >


Established on 04/30/2013, renewed on 05/20/2019 and in office until 05/19/2023

  • Benedetta Colombo (President)
  • Giorgio Brandazza


The Advisory Board is made up of figures outside the Foundation, authoritative and qualified, who can provide consultancy support in the direction of the activities, in particular in the definition of strategic guidelines also in consideration of the complexity and changeability of the context in which the Foundation operates, or on specific issues that the Board resolves to submit to him.

Appointed on 14.09.20 by the Board of Directors as required by the AVSI statute in art. 13 paragraph 2 letter j)

Angelino Alfano, three times Minister of the Italian Republic. Currently consultant of Confindustria for the development of cooperation with the countries of the African continent Bio >

Laura Frigenti, Global Head International Development Practice at KPMG LLP Bio >

Paolo Lembo, Member of the International Academy for Social and Economic Development and of the Superior Advisory Council of the University of Peace (UN) Bio >

Stefano Manservisi, Special Advisor to the European Commissioner for the Economy Bio >