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Lebanon. The story of a mother and daughter dynamic duo

Noha loves learning new things as much as her mother wants her to get an education: thanks to the EU-funded "Back to the Future" project, both of them are fulfilling their goals

2021. BTTF - Noha's Story 1

Noha and her mother have an unbreakable bond – something that stands out instantly when meeting them. Noha’s mother has taken it upon herself to make sure her daughter receives an education – no matter the circumstances – perhaps because she never had the opportunity to receive one herself.

She has made it her mission.

Noha, who resides in Tripoli, North Lebanon, with her mother, father and three siblings having fled Syria, is a Level 1 Early Childhood Education student who is both intelligent and persistent. With the help of her mother and facilitators, she has continued to improve as the cycle progressed, showing great character and eagerness to learn new material and acquire new skills.

Noha is one of the brightest students we’ve had. She is always looking forward to learning new material and wants to participate in as many lessons as she can!” says her facilitator.

During French lessons, Noha’s mother found it difficult to support her daughter, since she didn’t speak the language. But she challenged herself and began to watch the videos on her own and following up with Noha’s facilitator for any questions she had. Gradually, she started improving and was able to support her daughter along with the facilitator.

Noha’s mother didn’t stop here though - she even turned Noha’s bedroom into a beautiful classroom where she and her daughter would study and review lessons together. The mother and daughter dynamic duo would even get in touch with the facilitator on weekends in order to review the lessons of the previous week.

“All I want to see is her growing up knowing that she has a bright future in front of her. I just want her to be happy and I would do anything to make sure that happens" says Noha’s mother.

Noha would wait every evening for her father to come home and tell him all about what she learned that day before she goes to bed. Her dream is to become a pediatrician so that she help other children maintain a healthy life.

We hope one day Noha realizes her dream. She is certainly on the right path to do so.

About Back to the Future

Back to the Future is funded by the European Union, through the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU Madad Fund, and implemented in partnership with AVSI Middle East, Terre des Hommes Italy in Lebanon and War Child Holland in Lebanon.

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