Latin America. The educational challenge with CREN, Fundacion Sembrar and Crecemos Dijo

  • 16% Raised
  • €20.000 Goal

Help children and teens in Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil and their families and communities.

Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador are among the countries worst hit by the COVID 19 pandemic in Latin America. Children, young adults: Everyone is paying the price, for there is no work, and therefore it seems, no future. But among all the present emergencies, it is the educational one which stands out.

With this project, AVSI will support three local organizations.

  • In Mexico Crecemos Dijo, with which school accompaniment activities from early childhood to adolescence, prevention, education in proper nutrition will be carried out;
  • in Ecuador Fundacion Sembrar, in early childhood educational activities through the Ojos de Cielo center and through the PelCa (home educational path) with family accompaniment and socio-educational programs for school-age children and their families, study support , recreational activities in free time, job orientation and professional training for young people through the “Luigi Giussani” center;
  • in Brazil CREN, in diagnosis, treatment, research and teaching activities relating to malnutrition in children and adolescents, among the most vulnerable groups of the population.

What we can do together

We will help children and young people and their families and communities with socio-educational and study support, recreational, family support, nutritional and professional training actions for young people.

  • 16% Raised
  • €20.000 Goal

We help

  • 1,883 children and young people in Brazil, their families and communities
  • 1,069 children and young people in Ecuador, their families and communities
  • 381 children and young people in Mexico, their families and communities

What you can do

  • With € 50 you help donate a meal to 5 children for a week
  • With € 100 you help train 120 parents in nutrition, health and child development
  • With € 500 € you help support one family for a year
Support children and teens in Latin America
Among all present emergencies, the educational one stands out
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