Italy. Together with Italian families impoverished by the COVID-19 crisis

  • 9% Raised
  • €100.000 Goal

Support Italian families, children with learning disabilities, and adults seeking employment.

In Italy, the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has left thousands of people, who had never before experienced poverty, in the situation of being unable to pay their essential and everyday living expenses. In some Italian regions, the percentage of people living in poverty has escalated to as high as 10%, resulting in thousands of young people being unable to study or work, as well as families having to live in distressed and lonely situations.

To prevent already vulnerable children and families from being further exposed to risk factors, AVSI will support entire households, thanks to collaboration with a network of expert associations and partners such as the Martinengo Cooperative, the religious congregation of sisters Suore di Carità dell’Assunzione, a number of schools and educators.

What we can do together

We will help families to cover the costs of basic goods and services (rent, utilities), provide dedicated tutoring to special needs children, together with work training and up-skill programs for adults seeking employment.

  • 9% Raised
  • €100.000 Goal

We help

  • 5,000 families and
  • 400 children and teenagers in 7 Italian cities: Milan and Buccinasco (Lombardy), Rome (Lazio), Naples (Campania), Rimini and Cesena (Emilia Romagna) and Vicenza (Veneto).

What you can do

  • With a donation of € 50 - you contribute to the payment of bills for one family
  • With a donation of € 200 - you help pay one month's rent for one family
  • With a donation of € 1,000 - you contribute to pay the rent and bills for 10 families
  • With an ongoing donation, even a small one, you can support a family in difficulty in its daily needs
Support a family in need
Support Italian families, special needs children and adults seeking employment
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