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Youth: the key point of two side events organised by RES4Africa and AVSI at the Pre-COP Summit All4Climate Italy 2021

As part of the preparatory meetings to the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), AVSI cooperated with RES4Africa to give a platform to young voices

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From September 30 to October 2, the Pre-COP Summit All4Climate Italy 2021 will take place in Milan and will be preceded by another event focusing on youth participation, Youth4Climate - from September 28 to 30.

With the support of the Italian government, both are aimed at being preparatory meetings to the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), that is scheduled for November.

Within this framework, AVSI and RES4Africa Foundation worked together to organize two virtual side-events, addressing the main challenges on the path towards universal access to energy by 2030, that African and European countries are both being confronted with while working on adopting greener solutions.

In this context, young people play a vital role as catalysts of change and thus need to be actively involved in the global debate about renewable energy, sustainable development and the fight against climate change. This is one of the main objectives these events were created for, along with giving youth a time and place to make their recommendations heard, presenting their positions and directly dialoguing with the decision makers of several international insistutions.

Both events are supported by Enel Green Power and the European Investment Bank in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and SEforAll.

Tuesday 28th September, 14:30 – 16:30 CET: African youth-led Summit: Climate Change and Renewable Energy

The aim of this first event will be that of producing a Final Youth Agenda destined to policy and decision makers. Young participants from RES4Africa and other youth networks (Irena, Sea4all, ARE, Aweef, SdG#7 Youth Constituency, European youth energy network) will examine several hot topics related to climate change and the future of energy, producing a set of recommendations aimed at fostering a fair and inclusive energy transition in African and European countries. 6 Young Talents, winners of the two past Micro-Grid Academy award editions in 2020 and 2021, will moderate the event.

With the participation of Enel Green Power and the European Investment Bank, the event will start with the announcement of the 3 winners of the Micro-Grid Academy Young Talent of the Year Award.

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Friday 1st October, 14:30 – 16:00 CET: Driving a just energy transition - leaving no youth behind

The young moderators will present specific questions and recommendations, previously collected in the Final Youth Agenda, to the representatives of international institutions.
A series of discussions will be carried out at the same time in four “breakout rooms”, each focusing on a single theme:
1. Driving empowerment: the involvement of youth, women and most vulnerable groups affected by climate change
2. A holistic and inclusive energy transition: A focus on the socio-economic, and environmental impact
3. The role of the youth in driving sustainable innovation
4. Role of sustainable policies in climate adaptation, innovation and mitigation
Once all four debates end, the audience and speakers will rejoin in a plenary session. At that point, the young moderators will introduce the key points the discussions in each breakout room led to.

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