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AVSI at InterAction Forum 2019 to present the project Graduating to Resilience

The event will be an occasion to explain the impact of the activity and the graduation approach (Washington, June 13)

Graduating To Resilience Inter Action Forum

On June 13 in Washington the InterAction Forum 2019 will bring together the international development community to discuss and present common solutions to pressing global challenges.

During this year’s event, AVSI, together with experts from the Partnership for Economic Inclusion (World Bank), the Office of Food for Peace (USAID) and Trickle Up, will present the Graduating to Resilience project implemented in the Kamwenge district (Uganda), introducing a discussion on the Graduation Approach, as the set of interventions to provide sustainable pathways out of poverty for the extreme poor. Funded by the Office of Food for Peace (USAID), and coordinated by AVSI in partnership with Trickle Up and IMPAQ International, the project aims to graduate extremely poor refugee households who fled from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ugandan vulnerable households from conditions of food insecurity and fragile livelihoods to self-reliance and resilience.

The multi-stakeholder panel will provide participants an opportunity to explore the project and how it is based on elements of social protection, livelihoods development, and financial inclusion to combine support for immediate needs with longer-term human capital investments and outcomes.

Speakers included:

  • SYED HASHEMI, Partnership for economic inclusion, World Bank
  • SHOSHANA HECKER, Senior Director of Refugee Affairs, Trickle Up
  • PAUL MAJAROWITZ, Division Chief for Central, Southern and West Africa, Office of Food for Peace, USAID
  • MASSIMO LOWICKI-ZUCCA, Graduating to Resilience Chief of Party, AVSI foundation

About the Graduation Approach

Traditional models of delivering assistance often cannot cope with the complex and changing needs of the extremely poor. The graduation model is a cost-effective approach to meeting nutrition and income needs of the poorest households, to eradicate poverty and increase resilience. Rather than using a one size fits all solution, AVSI project “Graduating to Resilience” works with single participants and their families using a step-by-step process to help them move out of poverty and stay out.

Find out more:

- The panel > AVSI-USA

- The event > InterAction

Watch live! @AVSI-USA presents the panel "The Promise of Graduation: a collective effort to test, improve upon and scale the Graduation Approach."‚Äč InterAction

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