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Uganda. #MyVillageMyMarket initiative: engaging private sector to create sustainable opportunities

The event organized by USAID, AVSI and partners, in the framework of the project Graduating to Resilience, created connections between large firms and local micro-enterprises in Rwanwanja Refugee Settlement (Kamwenge district, 14-16 May)

My Market My Village Event Uganda Graduating To Resilience

A refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) living in Rwanwanja Settlement, Kamwenge District, Uganda, Bugenimana Kamara describes with one word the experience she had last week (May 14-16) during the #MyVillageMyMarket event: incredible.

I learned about the different seeds, how to plant them and when, and how to protect my crops from pests. I am also happy that now I know how to treat my animals using the medicines I have seen in the stalls, they will no longer just die

Bugenimana Kamara, refugee in Rwamwanja participating at #MyVillageMyMarket event

Bugenimana is one of the participants of the Graduating to Resilience Activity, funded by the Office of Food for Peace, USAID and led by AVSI Foundation in a consortium with Trickle Up and IMPAQ International. The goal is to graduate extremely poor refugee households who fled from DRC and Ugandan vulnerable households from conditions of food insecurity and fragile livelihoods to self-reliance and resilience.

The event #MyVillageMyMarket is one of the many initiatives included in the activity and aimed at creating the opportunity for over 6,000 participants to engage with the private sector and to enhance their livelihoods opportunities. The market event created connections between large firms, local micro-enterprises and participants.

We believe that through engaging the private sector we can create sustainable opportunities for families

Regina Mackenzie, Regional Director, Economic Growth - USAID Mission in Uganda

Through media campaigns, exhibitions, practical demonstrations on value chains and workshops, the beneficiaries learned how to make informed business choices and how to plan a sustainable business strategy. Exhibitors from different sectors addressed topics like agriculture and agro-processing, energy solutions and financial services, giving the chance to enhance economic opportunities through the acquisition of assets, inputs, and support services.

The event promoted by USAID, AVSI, Impaq International and Trickle Up, was also supported by the Kamwenge District Local Government, the Office of the Prime Minister, UNHCR and the Lutheran World Federation.

About the event & the protagonists: read the news on “What I Have Learned Is To Help Myself - by Anna-Maija Mattila-Litvak is Supervisory Development Outreach and Communications Officer at USAID/Uganda

This week, AVSI Uganda is organizing the event #MyVillageMyMarket inside the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. The three-day...

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