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Siria. The protagonists of "Open Hospital" project

Find here all the episodes of the reportage by Aldo Gianfrate from Aleppo and Damascus and discover how life can start again thanks to medical care in one of the three hospital we support in Syria.

“This war has nothing to do with religion. This is a war against civilization”. Doctor Georges Teodori, 62, crosses the main square in the old city of Aleppo to enter what is left of Al-Madina Souq, once the main and oldest market place in the city. Around him only ruins, abandoned buildings and silence. “This street used to be very busy, day and night. After Aleppo’s battle, everything is destroyed. Shops, mosques, churches, monuments. Everything”. The Ancient city of Aleppo is only a few minutes drive from the hospital dr Teodori’s directs, St Louis hospital. It was hit three times during the battle. “The first time the operation room was destroyed, the second missile hit the floor, the third one landed on the reception”, dr Teodori says. “Before the war, there were 110 hospitals in Aleppo. Only 42 are currently working. A high percentage of medical and paramedical staff left Aleppo to go back to their village or to escape abroad. And the consequences of the health crisis are strongly affecting the people”. St Louis of Aleppo is one of the three hospital involved in “Open hospitals”, a project funded by AVSI which aims to give free and high-quality medical treatment to 45,000 syrians within 3 years. Pic by @aldo_gia #Syria #syrianpeople #syrianwar #conflict #aleppo #story #charity #development #reportage #photojournalism #people #peopleoftheworld #change #hope #documentary #portraitphotography #portrait #middleeast #everydaymiddleeast #refugees #everydayrefugees #doctors #picoftheday #instadaily #health #medical #war

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