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Andrea and Selina, a family in Burundi “It’s a project, not a thirst of altruism”

They have left families and friends to follow a special dream: to use their competences to give support for those who suffer. Even though it means to face dangerous situations. Repubblica describes those who cooperate in a news on young Italians working on cooperation field, and there are also Andrea Sovani and Selina Faccin of AVSI BURUNDI

Andrea Sovani Burundi

Interview by Zita Dazzi

Andrea Sovani and Selina Faccin, husband and wife, 31 and 26 year’s old, have left Roma and Ivrea on September 2017 and they have gone to Burundi, on behalf of AVSI.

They are going to have a child, who will born in February, but this fact doesn’t impede them to move on with the helping poor people’s project. “We will be here at least until 2020, because I handle a project of professional training and integration in the job’s world, whereas my wife is occupying to strengthen guys’ scholar paths”, explain Andrea – These are long term projects, and for this reason we have to stay here for long time”. In Burundi, they work in uncomfortable neighborhoods in Bujumbura capital, but this doesn’t scare them.

“Young people that, as us, live this life, don’t act following their temporary emotions and their thirst of altruism. Who is here, it’s because they expose themselves in complex and unpredictable situations; always respecting safety rules avoiding hazards, keeping in mind the unavoidable risk of exceptional event”. The couple have studied migrations in European field. “But it’s here, in Africa, where I develop a passion for this job, which put you in front of a huge need. You can meet people and stories which require you to put there some of yourself. And the most interesting part is that this is both a way to help others, and to discover another side of ourselves”.