10 May May 2017 1424 10 May 2017

From Ivory Coast to Italy to strenghten local SMEs

Four carpenters, three men and a woman, traveled to Milan to take part in a training held by Federlegno, the Italian federation of wood cork and furnishing industry. The trip is part of a project funded by FAO-EU FLEGT Programme and implemented by AVSI in order to support Ivorian SMEs. Check the photogallery.

The training was focused on resources management, storage, improvement of production, quality and security at work, as part of a project entitled "Promoting legality and good practices in sustainable management by setting up a framework for exchange and training among EU customers, exporters and small and medium-sized enterprises in the Côte d'Ivoire”.

The four carpenters represented a broader group of 500 ivorian artisans who took part in the project.

The project, funded by FAO-EU FLEGT Programme aims at supporting local SMEs in three Abidjan neighbourhood, in the capital Yamoussoukro and in Bouake.

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