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A special gem for DR Congo: a hospital for vulnerable people

On May 10th AVSI inaugurated the Mario Vannucci hospital in Kilomoni, a border land marked by insecurity and chronic infrastructure deficit, aiming at promoting human dignity and development in a community devastated by decades of conflicts.

This hospital is a work full of stories of people who from a distance, without knowing each other, wanted to build a place with an important meaning. This “gem”, as it was described by H.E. Sébastien-Joseph Muyengo Mulombe, bishop of the Diocese of Uvira and by the local political authorities, will serve the most vulnerable people living in the Uvira area that lies near the border with Burundi. Since 2012, thanks to a generous Italian donor, AVSI has been working on the construction of this health centre which will offer different services such as paediatric, maternity, screening and basic care as well as an operating room for emergencies.
The centre will be managed with the support of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Turin and the Xaverian Fathers. The work came from the idea of the Italian donor Mario Maiani who, through his gesture tried to share his goods with other people, as in the parable of the Good Samaritan mentioned by H, E. Sébastien-Joseph Muyengo Mulombe. At this stage, the contribution of the community and the local health authorities will be essential to ensure a proper management of the hospital.
The opening ceremony was a symbol of AVSI’s work throughout the world during these years. The meeting gathered local authorities, the community of Uvira as well as various religious orders. It was a big event to celebrate the development of the place itself and the desire that such a project is only the beginning of community empowerment, according to the original intention that motivated Mario Maiani.