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AVSI at the Rimini Meeting: Generating beauty. New beginnings at the ends of the earth

“To the Ends of the World and of Existence. Destiny Has Not Left Man Alone” is the topic of the 2014 Rimini Meeting , to be held on August 24th-30th, 2014. This year, AVSI tells its story in Kenya, Ecuador and Brazil through an exhibition directed by the Irish writer John Waters.

Among the edges of existence, Pope Francis mentioned the poorest areas of the world where misery, conflicts and starvation overwhelm people’s dignity. These situations, together with inequality, marginalization and poverty cannot but question every man of faith, most of all in a world that would have a plenty of resources for everyone.
Today, the international debate about development is very lively, especially about the crisis that stroke Europe, the new international balances that affect lifestyles, the changing dynamics that may create divisions and marginalization instead of a shared welfare. Moreover, Italy will be the host country for the EXPO 2015 universal exposition which will revolve around these topics.
In this current framework, the exhibition “Generating beauty. New beginnings at the ends of the earth” aims to show how faith can affect reality and be an answer to these important challenges. Through videos and installations, it tells AVSI’s experience in Kenya, Ecuador and Brazil.
The exhibition also aims to find an answer, through examples and experiences, to some key questions such as: which are the development factors? How it is possible to affect the conditions, like extreme poverty, of peoples once distant but now so close?
The exhibition is co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of an education for development project.
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