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AVSI active in Brussels about post-2015 debate and in partnership with private sector

On 13th February AVSI attended at the public consultation of civil society promoted by the EESC European Economic and Social Committee about “A new global partnership – European Civil Society Positions on the Post-2015 Framework”.

AVSI’s contribution focused about the issue of the last mile: “In the last decades development cooperation policies at global level have shown many limits, not even because of lack of resources but much more because of the approach. The big social infrastructures like MDGs show their fragility in the last mile, that is the capacity to reach the single person and his/her needs.
A recent report from the World Bank highlights that in many African countries 52% of the access to primary school and in some countries up to 60% of health services are guaranteed by civil society organizations. Unfortunately, these realities, expressions of a very active and alive civil society, are not taken into consideration enough, giving nearly exclusive privilege to the governments and considering ngos only for advocacy, watchdog or policy making. The big investment needed to reduce poverty is investing in freedom and dignity of people and this is possible only covering the last mile, reaching the single person.”

On 20th March AVSI participated to CSR Europe Market Place about Sustainable Living in Cities

CSR Europe (The European Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility) launched the New European Business Campaign on Sustainable Living in Cities launched for more strategic alliances between business and cities. As 70% of the world population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050, cities will increasingly become points of convergence between sustainability issues and opportunities to solve them. In order to tap into these opportunities, there is a pressing need of increased collaboration between business and city stakeholders to find innovative and effective solutions to urban challenges.
Sustainable living in cities cannot avoid considering realities like slums: AVSI was invited to the event thanks to its experience in the field, mainly with the Ribeira Azul Programme (in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, with the World Bank). AVSI’s expertise about urban upgrading and integration of informal settlements can be a great resource in this perspective.
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