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Pope Francis challenges Davos elite to make a difference

“It is intolerable that thousands of people continue to die every day from hunger even though substantial quantities of food are available, and often simply wasted” Pope Francis sent a message to participants at the World Economic Forum’ Annual Meeting “Reshaping the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business” which took place in the Swiss resort city of Davos on January 22-25.

The Pope’s message sounds like a “challenge” to political and economic leaders to change course and to promote “an inclusive approach which takes into consideration the dignity of every human person and the common good”.
Human dignity, economy at the service of common good, social inclusion, fight against hunger and care of refugees: these are the main topics of Pope Francis’ message to the World Economic Forum that should have provided “an occasion for deeper reflection on the causes of the economic crisis affecting the world”. Business have helped thousands of people to move out of poverty but this is not enough because the successes achieved “often have led to a widespread social exclusion”. Starting from this reflection the Pope stresses that “the majority of the men and women of our time still continue to experience daily insecurity, often with dramatic consequences”. Tackling inequality would require action to achieve a better distribution of wealth, create jobs and "an integral promotion of the poor which goes beyond a simple welfare mentality."
Pope Francis emphasizes that “We cannot but be moved by the refugees seeking minimally dignified conditions, who not only fail to find hospitality but often tragically perish in moving from place to place. I know that these words are forceful, even dramatic, but they seek both to affirm and to challenge the ability of this assembly to make a difference”, “What is needed” the Pope concludes ”is a renewed and broadened sense of responsibility on the part of all and an openness to the transcendent vision which can guide economic and financial activity towards a more ethical and humane approach”.
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