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Successful PPPs to boost sustainable development in Uganda

Civil society partnerships with businesses, local authorities and state institutions, donors and research bodies are crucial for empowering local communities and arriving at a win-win situation of delivering highly effective, quality services to the most vulnerable.

According to AVSI’s 40-year experience in different sectors throughout the world, a web of relationships with CSOs helps to bridge the distance between the single person and institutions, the private sector and services.  From this point of view, Uganda is one of the core country where AVSI has been working since 1984. Some examples of interventions made possible thanks to successful partnerships
The SUNRISE OVC project (Strengthening Uganda’s National Response for Implementation of Services for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children)in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), covers 9 districts in Northern Uganda and aims at strengthening local government and community systems in order to improve access to quality basic services for vulnerable children and their families. In September, the project received the visit  of a delegation including the US Ambassador to Uganda Mr.Scott H. DeLisi and his wife Mrs.Leija Delisi, USAID/Uganda Health HIV/AIDS and Education Office Director MsKaren Klimowsky and Dr. Seyoum Dejene, USAID/Uganda Deputy HIV/AIDS Team Leader. In his concluding remarks, Ambassador Delisi said “I am very grateful for the commitment, hard work and dedication of each of you here. We share the same aspirations and goals for our children…When you talk about education and health of children, they are also our priority. When you talk about social development, domestic violence, they are also our priority…. My government and your government are collaborating in this and I am very happy to see this kind of cooperation being manifested down here…”
In the framework of the SCORE project (Sustainable Comprehensive REsponse for
vulnerable children), funded by USAID, AVSI hasrecently  launched a Basic Financial Literacy Training program for the beneficiaries of the project in collaboration with Stanbic Bank Uganda. This partnership aims to improve the socio-economic situation of up to 2,250  households, corresponding to around 13,500 vulnerable people, by 2016.  On August 26th, the launch of the program was officiated by Ms. Sharon Nassali Sarah, Stanbic Bank Head of Corporate Social Investment, in the presence of Mr. Kabogoza James, Assistant Commissioner for Children and Youth at the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development.
In the health care sector, the “Capacity building, advocacy and medical rehabilitation for Northern Uganda victims of war project, in partnership with the Trust Fund Victims and the Orthopaedic workshop in GuluRegional
Referral Hospitalreaches 300 people every year. On September 4th -6th , a delegation from the International Criminal Court and Trust Fund for Victimsincluding Ms. Tiina Intelmann, Assembly of States Parties President Ambassador, Mr. Judge Motoo Noguchi Chairman of the Trust Fund for Victims Board of Directors, and Mr. Pieter de Baan,Executive Director of the Trust Fund for Victims, visited the project activities. They appreciated AVSI’s effort and renew their support for 2014. ”It was inspiring to be able to witness how voluntary contributions by States Parties to the Trust Fund are translated into assistance services that deliver real benefit to victims” said President Intelmann. “I was personally moved by the courage and confidence of victims sharing their story about how their lives have been transformed as a result of the medical, psychological and material support they received through the Trust Fund’s programmes.”
In order to enhance food security and productivity in Northern Uganda, the 3-year projec AgriSkills4you was launched, funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, in collaboration with the Interchurch Cooperation (ICCO), targeting 10,000
farmers and 2,000 youth. The key objective of the project is to enhance agri-skills of institutions inNorthern Uganda through upgrading infrastructure and ensuring that the curriculum responds to market needs. As a lead agency in the consortium for the implementation of Acholi Sub-regions, AVSI is working in partnership with local CSOs such as FINAFRICA, the Companionship of Works Association (COWA) and the Permanent Centre for Education (PCE). The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Uganda, Mr. Alphons Hennekens, officiated the launchon July 24th. The event was also attended by district officials from Lango, Acholi and West Nile regions.
In the framework of the Italian Cooperation’s mission to Africa carried out in August, a delegation including Mr. Lapo Pistelli, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr.Giampaolo Cantini,  Director of the Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGCS), the Ambassador Stefano Dejak, and Mr. Paolo Giambelli, project manager of the Italian Cooperation to Uganda, visited the Luigi Giussani High school, requested by HIV-positive mothers of children raised in the slums of Kireka and Naguru, in kampala. The Deputy Minister highlighted the importance of such a work: the result of income generating activities, an extraordinary example of empowerment of vulnerable women who have become leading players of a development that goes beyond “the distribution of crumbs”.