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A decent life for all by 2030 - AVSI at EDD13

The European Development Days is Europe’s foremost platform for dialogue, debate and exchange of best practices in development. This year’s edition titled “A Decent Life for All by 2030 – Building a Consensus for a new Development Agenda” will take place in Brussels on 26-27 November, just over two months after the United Nations’ General Assembly’s Special Event on the Millennium Development Goals.

In the framework of one of the four main themes proposed by the forum “Upholding Human Rights and Ensuring Equity and Justice Human Rights and Democratic Governance”,AVSI, with the participation of the EU Delegation to Brazil, presents APACs' outstanding results in terms of costs (one third), recidivism rates (less than 10%) and effectiveness in ensuring prisoners' human rights on Tuesday 26 November:

Promoting prisoners’ human rights

A network of civil society organizations at work in Brazil

Some reports, such as the 2011 annual report of Human Rights Watch, or the 2008 prisons report of the International Criminal Court, highlight issues such as overcrowded prisons, inhuman conditions, and physical and psychological torture. 
These results can only be achieved through integrated action from institutions, the private sector and civil society. Given the effectiveness of the APAC methodology, the European Union Delegation to Brazil, together with AVSI Foundation, support this approach through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).
Alberto PiattiPresident, AVSI Foundation Valdeci Antonio Ferreira, President, Fraternidade Brasileira de Assistência aos Condenados (FBAC), Brazil Luiz Carlos Resende,  Member of the Consejo Nacional de Justicia (CNJ),de Minas Gerais, Brazil Nicola Boscoletto, President, Cooperativa Giotto, Italy Marco Antonio Lage, Director General Minas Pela Paz
Maria Rosa SabbatelliProgramme Manager, European Union Delegation to Brazil - Chairman 

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