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Best Practices in Global Health: Italian Embassy hosts event at the World Bank

2013 is the Year of Italian culture in the U.S. In Washington, DC, the Italian Embassy is taking advantage of the occasion to highlight the successes of Italian organizations in advancing Global Health practices, including those related to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

AVSI Foundation was asked to participate in the event, which was held on Friday, June 7 at the World Bank main complex. The presentations were moderated by Ranieri Guerra, Scientific Attaché of the Italian Embassy in Washington, DC, with an introduction from Piero Cipollone, Executive Director for Italy at the World Bank.
"We need to build more systematic relationships in order to involve different actors in the programs in partnership with the World Bank," Cipollone said. "I see it in the 'last mile' problem, in reaching the individual people and especially the most vulnerable who are in need of services. NGO's are are able to really sense the need of the people, to reach them and to gain trust."
During the course of the morning, Ms. Jackie Aldrette of AVSI-USA presented on the highly effective program for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) in Uganda.
The FREE campaign summarizes the successes of the program, which is unique in the way it brings together local government, multi-lateral funders, private and public healthcare providers and civil society groups in order to get treatment to mothers who are usually excluded from social services. In 2011, the healthcare centers partnering with AVSI reached an HIV testing acceptance level over 93% for women who came for pre-natal care, and an unprecedented 73% of male partners receiving HIV prevention services, which are both real accomplishments in an area where stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS remains strong.
For more information about the event, see the Save the Date here.