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The Vice President of Peru participates in the event “Inclusive Territorial Development: AVSI’s experience”

On June 11th, the event “Inclusive Territorial Development: AVSI’s experience”, held at the Catholic University Sedes Sapientiae in Lima, gathered representatives of public institutions such as UGEL of Chincha, companies like ICAM, Atento, Expertisse plus, Bakery, producers like  APROCAM and NORANDINO and member NGOs of the AVSI network including CESAL, CEASE, CESED, ODT, Plan Internacional.

In the framework of Peru’s economic growth, of new social actors and challenges of Sustainable Development Goals, the event was part of the reflection that AVSI has started together with other 70 CSOs of its network, aimed to promote a dialogue about the contribution of international cooperation to local development.
Among the distinguished speakers, the Vice President of Peru, Marisol Espinoza, pointed out that 18 youngsters out of 100 are at risk of marginalization and, in order to face this issue, the importance of the activities implemented by AVSI through the Oficina Laboral aimed to accompany young people during and after their inclusion in the labour market. Furthermore, she showed the various state programs for the strengthening of human capital such as Jóvenes a la obra, Vamos Perú, Beca 18.
The Director of the promotion and monitoring unit at the state anti-drug agency DEVIDA, Mario Ríos, underlined that from the Government side, they urged the strengthening of authorities able to create Public-Private Partnerships and the involvement of cooperatives to coordinate these processes. Then, he closed his speech asking for a most effective engagement of universities in implementing programs focused on science, technology and research so that the youth can believe in a sustainable future in their villages.
Jorge Ramos, AVSI representative in Lima, stressed that “the aim of our work is not only helping the youth find a job, but also giving them an opportunity to engage life with commitment. Only through a cooperation among all the territorial actors starting from the person - the youth, the entrepreneur – this can be possible”.
Nicola Robotti, AVSI representative for Amazonia, presented the project in partnership with the CEPROAA cooperative (Cooperativa Central de Productores Agropecuarios de Amazonas), which today is an active player in promoting local coffee and cocoa. He highlighted that these results have not been achieved by AVSI but by the farmers who received a support through AVSI’s activities.
Finally, Maria Teresa Gatti, AVSI Knowledge Center Director, closed the event with these words “Development is something more than economic growth. In our experience it is clear, but they should keep up with each other. The same way, environment and human development can go hand in hand because, although it is believed that there is an opposition between people’s work and nature, there are more possibilities for nature to be protected by human activities… So starting a path to create knowledge from our experience is essential in order to assess our work and to choose the steps to be taken. That is why a work like the one we did today is so important and gives us some elements to deepen our knowledge and face future challenges”.