22 July Jul 2013 1210 22 July 2013

New AVSI Board of Directors appointed

On July 18th, the Founding Members General Meeting of AVSI Foundation appointed the new Board of Directors which has in his first meeting attributed the powers of representation as follows:

President: Alberto Piatti
Secretary-General: Giampaolo Silvestri
Vice President: Alda Vanoni, former Judge of the Court of Milan
Member: Lorenzo Ornaghi, former Rector of the Milan Catholic University
Member: Patrizia Savi, Director of Planning and Finance department of A2A
Member: Michele Faldi, Director of Post Graduate School of the Milan Catholic University
Member: Alessio Bonaldo,  Academic researcher of the Veterinary Medical Sciences Department of the University of Bologna
This change in the Board and the involvement of new authoritative and expert professionals is heading towards an innovation in continuity strengthening AVSI as a subject able to bring a visible identity in the context of the high quality and intelligence of its projects and interventions.
 “I wish the new Board, partners and donors, that this change can be for everybody a positive occasion for gaining new momentum, thus to answer to the call of Pope Francis, while visiting Lampedusa, against the “globalization of indifference” said Alberto Piatti, former AVSI Secretary General and now President.
The new Secretary-General, Giampaolo Silvestri, graduated in Economic Sciences from the Bocconi University, started working in AVSI in 1996 as civil service volunteer, then covering different roles, from Area Desk to Executive Director, function covered for the last  6 years.