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Some tweets from the refugee camps

The tent seems huge, but in reality it’s him who is small, very small. He is 3 months old or even less and seeing him crawl from the darkness of the interior towards the light outside the tent makes a certain effect, and questions arise: does he realize that today, June 19th 2013, he is in a lost village of the West Bekaa in Lebanon because a war kicked him out of his home? Does he have a dry throat because there is too little water and of not so good quality? When did he drink his last bottle of milk? Is his father working in a camp today so they both eat in the evening? Is his father missing because he stayed in Syria to fight? Or he might be dead? Fortunately he is too small to ask himself these questions and find the answers, so when he left the tent he felt that it was very hot and he quietly went back inside the tent but we didnt’have the courage to get in and look for the answers.

Chiara Nava, AVSI Program Manager, from the field. Recreational activities for Syrian refugees in the South of Lebanon.

Little Rania is 16 months old: she has been sheltered in Lebanon for 10 months and lives in a tent in the Marj el Kok camp.

Syrian children playing and learning through AVSI-UNICEF activities in Southern Lebanon

Marj el kok (Southern Lebanon). Distribution of food on the occasion of the World Refugee Day to 1013 Syrians

Hammar’s mother has received 3 l of oil, 2 Kg of rice, 1 kg of lentils, 1 kg of beans, coffee and pasta

Sea pines, 35 degrees and cicadas: it feels likeTuscany but in fact it’s a Syrian refugee camp in the South of Lebanon.

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