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Northern Uganda: the Minister Rebecca Amunge Otengo visits the BUILD project

On May 8th, the State Minister for Northern Uganda, Rebecca Amunge Otengo, visited the activities of the BUILD – Building Infrastructure and Livelihoods for Development – project, implemented by AVSI in partnership with Caritas Gulu, in the district of Agago.

During the brief visit, the Minister met the project staff and saw the places and the faces of the target community. The Minister was impressed by the ongoing activities which enable the improvement in living conditions of people who are slowly recovering after a 20-year civil war.
The 2-year BUILD project is implemented by AVSI in partnership with Caritas Gulu in the districts ofKitgum, Lamwo, Agago and Pader within the ALREP - Agricultural Livelihood Recovery Program -  funded by the  European Union through the Office of the Prime Minister. The project, started in March 2012, aims to renovate and rebuild poor elements of the productive infrastructure such as roads, market stalls, dams, selected by the local community through a participatory approach.
Thanks to the involvement of people at all levels, the promotion of saving and loan activities through the VLSA – Village Saving and Loan Association has been possible. The members of the Association have the opportunity to access credit and reinvest in technologies and activities for agricultural production.Although these groups are becoming increasingly effective, many families have not the capacity to manage their resources yet. So, the project sensitizes the members of the association to an aware use of the saved money in order to minimize waste and promote the investment in Income Generating Activities.