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Educating Future Managers and Leaders on Business and Human Rights with the UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact and the Secretariat of the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) launched a global initiative calling on academic institutions to educate future managers and leaders on business and human rights, which meets the new challenges of the changing world:

Demand for multidisciplinary business and human rights education is growing worldwide. Governments, business enterprises, civil society organizations and multilateral institutions areincreasingly engaged in managing business and human rights challenges.
Management education should include business and human rights topics. Human rights considerations are increasingly important to leadership strategy, planning and execution. A business that respects human rights has a lower risk profile and greater opportunities for delivering innovation, financial returns and sustainable value. Managing human rights impacts is becoming a required competency for a wide range of business functions, including but not limited to: corporate strategy, risk management, legal compliance, human resources, procurement, finance, product design, investor relations, marketing, communications and public affairs.
This view corresponds to AVSI’s experience with several businesses throughout the world. That’s why AVSI welcomes and promotes the initiative.
To support this activity send an e-mail to and download the open letter, which aims to: 1) raise awareness of the need for business and human rights education; 2) prompt academic institutions worldwide to develop new courses and curricula; and 3) allow companies to declare the importance of business and human rights education within their own organizations.
Download the open letter