31 January Jan 2013 1049 31 January 2013

EU Ambassador Antonio Cardoso Mota visits development projects in Venezuela

On November 20th -21st , 2012,  the Ambassador Antonio Cardoso Mota, Head of the EU Delegation in Venezuela, visited the projects funded by the European Union to reduce poverty and promote development in the country.
The Ambassador also visited the ongoing triennial project  Fortalecimiento de la sociedad civil para mejorar las condiciones de vida de la población rural en pobreza extrema” (Strengthening civil society to improve the living conditions of rural population in extreme poverty) focused on the promotion of grassroots democracy and reduction of poverty in Humocaro Alto, a rural area at the beginning of the Andes mountain range, in the state of Lara. The project aims to strengthen the local NGO, Fundación San Antonio, by supporting its activities including the old people’s home “Asilo Reina de los Angeles”,  the Children’s Medical Center “Angel de la Guarda” and the Educational Center “Padre Antonio Manuel Sánchez”. Basic services such as education, healthcare  and eldercare  are critical in that poor area, so the empowerment generated by the project fosters a sustainable social inclusion of the most vulnerable segments of the population, especially children and elders.
AVSI provides technical assistance and training for the staff of Fundación San Antonio on many priority issues such as administration and management, fund raising, institutional relations, health and education.  This project is expected to reach about 17,000 beneficiaries.
At the end of the visit, the Ambassador congratulated  the President of Fundación San Antonio, Mr. Ynocencio Vásquez, on the work done and said that this field visit allowed the EU delegation to better understand the context of the State of Lara and this will make easier reciprocal exchanges and sharing in the future.
AVSI has been working in Venezuela since the flood emergency in December 1999  with development projects in partnership with the European Union, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Italian Cooperation.