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Corporate Social Responsibility: an alliance between profit and not-for profit to produce development

In the changing landscape of development cooperation, AVSI is focused on the collaboration with the private sector. With this view,  AVSI participated in the 8th editionofMatching, an annual meetingorganized byCompagnia delle Opere, held in Milan Exhibition Centre on November 26th - 28th, 2012. It represents  a key opportunity for SMEs  to develop new and existing business relations at national and international level, compare mutual interests, create partnerships, and facilitate the sourcing of suppliers and customers. AVSI presented its experience in cooperation with several companies and corporate foundations dealing with priority issues such as community development, vocational training and youth employment, strengthening of supply chains (food and textile) energy and environment.
AVSI’s experience shows that Corporate Social Responsibility as a core element of companies’ business strategy can produce real and sustainable development which means both economic and social gains. In particular, AVSIin collaboration with Treedom srl ( has recently started an intervention in Haitiaiming at supporting reforestation with the funds realized through the commercialization ofVoluntary Emission Reductions (VERs) certificates. VERs are offered through an innovative web based system thanks to which it is easy tosee and follow project activities in real time, reducing the distance between the project supporter (putting funds) and the projectimplementers (local organization).The project will have a positive economic and social impact  on 20 organizations with 3,600 beneficiaries and will also provide an alternative income to the illegal cutting of trees. The main goal is the protection of soil from erosion and the promotion of production in the marginal area of the Macaya Park, in the southern part of the country.

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