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A Public-Private Partnership for Lebanon reforestation

A Memorandum of  Understanding between the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and AVSI was signed in Beirut, on December 14th  2012

In the framework of the agreement, AVSI, due to its several activities in the agricultural field and its network of expertise developed in Italy about this topic, aims to provide Lebanon with experts in order to reduce pollution levels in the country.This means a bilateral cooperation in various sectors, in particular in the field of reforestation, preservation and improvement of the forests in the territory.
During the signature ceremony, the Minister Hussein Hajj Hassannel highlighted his approval for AVSI activities in Lebanon, where it has been working since 1996, especially those in favour of the Syrian refugees.
Moreover, the Minister underlined that “Reforestation, wholesale market of agricultural products, public slaughterhouses  and the citrus cold chain are today priority issues for Lebanon.”