13 December Dec 2012 1111 13 December 2012

Hurricane Sandy brings floods to Haiti

Hurricane Sandy brought strong winds and driving rains to Haiti. Flooding, particularly in southern regions such as Torbeck, will reportedly cause great damage to the rice fields.

Near AVSI's offices in the South, many houses have been flooded, and so our staff has set to work distributing medicines to prevent the spread of cholera and other diseases among children and families.
The storm could have long-term impacts on the agricultural production and food security. Major concerns include the destruction of fields where corn, rice and millet are being cultivated, damage to fruit-bearing trees, and suspected serious infrastructural damage to water systems in the Ducis Beraud region.
The river that runs through Les Cayes is overflowing in multiple places, causing many families to evacuate their homes. Together with the local community, AVSI has been working to answer immediate needs.