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Forum on International Cooperation: cooperation as part of Italy's identity to be included in the political agenda

The Forum on International Cooperation, organized by the Italian Ministry for International Cooperation and Integration, took place in Milan, on 1 and 2 October 2012.

The meeting gathered concerned citizens, experts, young people, traditional and new players operating in the field of international cooperation together with the highest Italian Government Officials and Ministers from European and developing countries.
A guiding thread linked together the several interventions: the need to include cooperation among the Italian political priorities, as part of Italy's identity and a central factor in the process of increasing Italy's role in international policies.
Another common point stressed by the panellists was the need for innovation.
The proposal to reform the Italian Law on Development Cooperation provides for the establishment of an agency better suited to address the needs for efficiency, flexibility and measurability of results.
Alberto Piatti, AVSI Secretary-General, highlighted the importance to create a new form of facilitation, an agency with a strong political authority and adequate powers which can play a key role as director and facilitator and above all resume the commitments at the international level.
During the Forum other aspects of innovation have been stressed as the need for new forms of alliance to promote the Italian system through the association of business skills, ideas and attention to the person. This means fostering partnerships with profit and non-profit actors, research institutes and public institutions as well as international organizations.