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AVSI at CSR Europe with Árvore da Vida, a joint venture AVSI-FIAT

“Árvore da Vida”, or “Tree of Life”, a joint venture between AVSI and FIAT Brazil in the area surrounding the FIAT plant in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, was presented at CSR Europe, the Brussels-based body delegated by the European Commission for the Corporate Social Responsibility, on the day of AVSI’s 40th anniversary, 27th September.

CSR Europe is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility with around 70 multinational corporations and 34 national partner organizations as members, founded in 1995. It has since grown to become an inspiring network of business people working at the very forefront of CSR across Europe and globally.
On September 27th, around 50 participants from 18 businesses and 20 public organizations  attended the workshop “Inclusive Business Models at the Base of the Pyramid”. The participants were invited to reflect on approaches with regards to Market insight, the consumer and market understanding, Governance & Strategy and hybrid partnerships development.
AVSI presented "Arvore da Vida" as a best practice, a project run by AVSI and FIAT Brazil in partnership with local authorities, Italian government and many other local CSOs and companies. What is the 'secret' of a successful partnership? For most of the participants the answer is one: trust. Building a win-win partnership is possible by starting from the positive, from the certainty that everyone is committed in doing something good for themselves and for their community. Also, focusing on results is the best way to show the advantage of working in partnership.
A dynamic debate on the role of public donors in support of Inclusive Business Models for low-income markets introduced some of the key challenges that will be further discussed at the CSR Europe´s High Level Panel at the European Development Days (16-17th October), where some pictures and videos of the "Árvore da Vida" project will be shown in the CSR Europe space.
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