15 October Oct 2012 1522 15 October 2012

A delegation of the European Union visits AVSI’s training projects in Northern Uganda

Ms. Francesca Mosca, European Commission Director for Cooperation for Sub Saharan Africa, visited AVSI’s training projects in Northern Uganda.

In particular, Ms. Moscavisited the Vocational Training Center in Gulu District which, thanks to the EXCITE project (Expanded And Comprehensive Informal And Technical Education In Northern Uganda), trained almost 600 young people, with a particular attention to the connection with labor market and businesses.
According to Samuele Otim Rizzo, AVSI Program Manager “The EXCITE project aims to improve skills in order to create jobs. Its main point  is helping young people of Northern Uganda to increase their skills and recover hope after the war so that they can be protagonists in their context and live a dignified life.”
At the end of the visit, it was especially appreciated by the Delegation the ability of these projects to enhance and relate the importance of training to labor market.