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50th anniversary of Uganda’s independence. Undersecretary De Mistura's visit in the field

On the occasion of  the 50th anniversary of Uganda’s independence from British rule, the Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Staffan De Mistura, visited the Italian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda.
Among  several events organized for the occasion, AVSI  took part in a meeting with the Civil Society aiming at advocating for the extension of the support to the health sector in Uganda, attended by NGOs working with missionary hospitals and representatives of the health sector.
Another event attended by AVSI was the launch of the Business Club Italia, an initiative promoted  by the Italian Ambassador, Mr. Stefano A. Dejak, which gathers Italian SMEs  working in Uganda in an operative network. The event was attended by a large audience ranging from Ugandan authorities to businesses. The Undersecretary De Mistura stressed the importance of this initiative, which will be replicated by the Embassies of other countries in Uganda.
Mr. Paolo Giambelli, responsible for Italian Cooperation in Uganda, gave a very good overview of the Italian presence in Uganda, its appreciation by the Ugandan people and authorities and its achievements along 100 years of presence. Then,  the participants had the opportunity to mention problems to be reported to the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and show new cooperation models to be implemented.
The Undersecretary looked enthusiastic about the visit, he had words of great appreciation for the work done by the Italian community as he also appreciated the great changes occurred in Uganda in the last 20 years and the opportunities to be exploited.

AVSI in Uganda

AVSI is involved in Uganda since 1984, in the districts of Pader, Gulu, Kampala, Hoima, Kitgum, carrying out activities in the fields of health, education and humanitarian emergency.
About its main activities: psychosocial recovery of former child soldiers, assistance and care for mine victims and internally displaced person, implementation of sanitation and hygiene projects, promotion of prevention and information campaigns on HIV-AIDS, coordination of training programs and support to fragile communities. At present, to address the health emergency in the country, AVSI is supporting five hospitals in Kitgum (St. Joseph's Hospital),  Kalongo (Ambrosoli Hospital), Gulu (the government hospital, the Orthopaedic Laboratory and THE Lacor Hospital).
In the education field, AVSI provides schooling, quality education, improvement of infrastructures and school supplies for children and young people.